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MaaS - Mobility As A Service - Forget Rideshare/Uber/Lyft!

Find The Nearest Taxi - Or Make One Appear

Once you call the Taxi will be heading to your location. Your phone is already aware of where you are and a smart device that is already a digital extension of yourself.

We can send a link by text messaging to your phone for you to share your location. It is best, however, for you to have an address for your pick-up location and a destination. We are Taxicab Drivers, it is our job to get you where you want to go, by the shortest, fastest route or your preferred route. With Taxi Atlanta Nearby you never have to worry!

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You always get a licensed, experienced Taxi Driver!

If We Can't Send You A Taxi We Tell You

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Atlanta is famous for it's gridlocked traffic and poor Uber and Lyft drivers. The Taxi vs Uber war is over. We accept cash, credit cards, and cryptocurrency and if for any reason we can't provide your taxi ride we will call you. Sometimes the answer is no. We don't just tell you 10 minutes and then stall you until a taxi shows up later. Sometimes a taxi is already heading your way and dropping off from where you need to be picked up.


  1. Fill out a form and click send to make an Instant Request.
  2. Timecalls are easy to fill, we love them. It doesn't matter if you are going 2 miles or on a long trip to the airport. Make a RESERVATION.
  3. We will always call you and be honest with you if for any reason we can't pick you up. 24/7
  4. For an estimate, most importantly how many miles from point A to Point B* CLICK HERE. Honest, fair, affordable pricing.

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Watch Your Taxi Drive To You

We have Taxicabs and Taxi Companies everywhere around Metro Atlanta and beyond. We love out of state trips too. Unlike the rideshare companies our mapping is real! Want us to call you just before your Taxi arrives, we can do that too.

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