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The RYDE token has been created for use mainly in the taxi and rideshare industries.

The purpose is to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and create more customer satisfaction so these new cryptocurrency technologies will ultimately improve quality & the efficiency of the industries as a whole. We are seeking proposals to develop & test various transportation smart contracting projects by using RYDE token and underlying blockchain technology in their commercial applications.

The purpose is to offer transportation by the RYDE token to users via a U4RYDE-approved reservation or through a third-party app/website. The goal is to enable the taxi & rideshare businesses to use and benefit from the value that the RYDE token will bring into their service offerings. We aim to establish a decentralized, peer to peer taxi/rideshare platform that enables drivers to earn more income & rewards users who choose to use the RYDE token.

We want to incentivise drivers & their customers to use cryptocurrency and blockchain-based services, which makes sense because taxi and rideshare are the largest sectors of the transportation industry worldwide. The RYDE tokens could potentially be worth thousands of dollars per car. This dynamic is already being seen in cities such as New York, London, Paris, Sydney, Moscow and Tokyo. These cities are rapidly developing their transportation infrastructure for the 21st century needs of their rapidly growing populations. The RYDE token enables merchants of all sizes to promote their products to consumers. By helping to fund the development and operation of a reliable, innovative digital currency ecosystem, RYDE enables and encourages the future adoption of digital currencies and educates it's users about cryptocurrency with use of a working example.

Part of the plans for the RYDE token includes giving some away in airdrops. Also, large amounts of tokens will be sent to London, New York, California, and an additional amount distributed to key players in the taxi and rideshare businesses. Developers will also have access to free RYDE tokens, to facilitate fast progress for the best innovations. We already have deep relations with the London Black Cabs, taxis in New York, and key players in California. Some of the initial consumer products that will be sold for RYDE tokens include a smartphone, a solar powered flashlight that also acts as a charger, and a smart dash cam.

The Taxi and rideshare drivers can create or customize the experience to a passenger's specifications. For instance, to accommodate customers in wheelchairs, or the blind or deaf. Participants in the RYDE service may share their information with others. Use of the Ryde token will serve as an incentive for use of the taxi and rideshare services by people traveling in or near public transit. It is a software-as-a-service platform enabling a decentralized marketplace and settlement of public transportation costs, in particular taxi and rideshare companies, and in the future as the possibly of use as a payment method for buses, trains, and subways.

Rideshare share fees: A number of percent of a taxi, rideshare, or other transportation company's fares may be added to each token transaction used within the Ryde token economy. The RYDE token might work as follows: It will allow users to earn revenue with the use of the RYDE token, for the use both online and offline, and additionally there are the means to make payments online or offline with RYDE tokens. The user spends this money on a single "ride share" and he or she will receive a percentage of the shared fare. A specific amount might be shared based on the time of day the ride share was used by the user. Clubs may offer discounts, or even pay for the entire ride to or from the club, based upon the amount of time a RYDE user has spent inside the club. The possibilities for implementation are endless.

The RYDE token will reduce the need for credit card data, and improve financial security for taxi and rideshare drivers and their passengers. Also it facilitates business integrations with taxi and ride sharing companies and their drivers and passengers. Drivers might be able to spend RYDE tokens on insurance, vehicle accessories, oil changes, tires, brake service, etc. Concert, play, even movie theatre tickets might be sold via RYDE tokens and special discounts provided on the transportation to same.

The RYDE token allows users to earn revenue with the use of the RYDE token, for the use both online and offline, and additionally there are the means to make payments online or offline with RYDE tokens. Users can earn RYDE for travel, or other activities, even walking, through our travel widget. The RYDE token can be used in the context of payments to enable instant and seamless payments between anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. This will enable RYDE merchants of all sizes to promote their products to consumers. By helping to fund the development and operation of a reliable, innovative digital currency ecosystem, RYDE enables and encourages the future adoption of digital currencies.

RYDE tokens will be able to facilitate payments made with various credit cards, bank account receivables such as money transfer and debit card in addition to the RYDE token itself. RYDE Tokens are able to be used to pay users monthly in the form of RYDE tokens as rewards, which allows users to buy and sell using RYDE tokens. By its nature, the RYDE token does not require any approval by any party and can change itself at any time to adapt to changing market conditions and the latest innovations in the economy.

The RYDE token is an open asset that can be freely used and traded. The blockchain's ledger is public and immutable and the user can take advantage of any tokens in the platform to participate in the network. The RYDE token can also be converted into a bitcoin currency via a combination of transaction fees, mining fees, and other means. RYDE tokens need not to be traded in, but are meant to be used in certain types of applications, such as online shopping; and also offline such as admission into clubs, or to pay for a meal in a restaurant, etc. A single RYDE token in one application might be equivalent to 10,000 RYDE tokens or .5 RYDE token in another application. Taxi and Rideshare drivers can set the RYDE token rate for their car, or for particular kinds of trips, or during certain hours of the day, or by day of the week. They can develop a menu customers can view on a website or inside a particular company's app. This RYDE token rate can be adjusted on the fly and/or in accordance with the current value of the RYDE token.

RYDE tokens can be a global identity platform; they can provide real-time tracking of the identity of all users and holders through information collected from mobile phones, WiFi, GPS, and Internet devices. The identity information collected from various applications can then be verified with a RYDE mobile app used by drivers and passengers. Drivers, companies, and passengers can be made aware of the transportation resources availability and utilization in and around their local area. Verified identity information can be associated with RYDE token users enabling trust and safety for both passengers and drivers.

U4RYDE is looking forward to the growing number of RYDE customers and the increasing number of smartphones that are being used by people every day. By integrating RYDE's mobile feature with mobile applications developed by mobile operators, we will improve the security of RYDE's network while providing our customers peace of mind knowing that they are being watched over and monitored during their travels.

The RYDE token makes possible many features not previously available in the taxi industry, including the ability to pay for your journey without paying any fees and to use your tokens immediately on the taxi, ridehailing apps, or a combination of both. As the taxi and rideshare industries grows, new options emerge within each of those different services that complement and merge with eachother.

The RYDE token is not an ICO token as the token does not have any intrinsic value beyond it's cost of 1 Wave token for 10 RYDE tokens, but rather it is intended as the initial platform to build on within and on top of existing taxi and rideshare platforms. It can be used for various types of activities, such as marketing or as an online exchange. Revenue raised will be used to develop the U4Ryde platform, and may be used to purchase the RYDE token inventor a Lamborghini or other high speed car. The RYDE token is an ERC-20 token.

All investments carry risk and the RYDE token should never be relied on directly or indirectly as value for such as an investment vehicle. We reserve the right to shut down U4RYDE at any time. The U4RYDE platform and RYDE tokens may be subject to change at anytime, without notice.

RYDE is set to be available globally from the middle of August 2019. The RYDE token is not an ICO token but rather is intended for funding the initial platform and to build out the taxi and rideshare platforms and apps.

Why you should invest in RYDE tokens? If you believe in the idea and want to make it work, you should buy Ryde tokens. None of the ride-sharing companies around the world: Uber or Lyft, Didi in China, Ola in India, or Grab in Southeast Asia, are profitable. RYDE tokens offers a pathway to build the sustainable, profitable future everyone wants. Those with foresight must take action, it can't be accomplished just by one person, or even by one company. It is going take the combined efforts of developers, drivers, passengers, and transportation company owners to reach success. This is the dawn of a new era, one which seeks to combine the best of the taxi industry and the potential of the rideshare concept. By investing in RYDE tokens you are funding the research and development of U4RYDE and promoting the RYDE token economy.

The purpose of RYDE tokens is to give users access to a decentralized transportation network and to support its development. Imagine a world where an intelligent city is just the everyday life; where comfortable transportation is not a luxury, but the most normal thing. Our goal is to become the smartest and most successful taxi-hailing and rideshare operation in the United States. And we are building out a system to accomplish just that!!!

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