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Solitude is Independence!

We go that extra mile. Honesty is the best policy. Without loyalty it is impossible to build anything that matters.

American Greed, here he is, Trip Rides CEO Bob McNulty
Tryp Rideshare Ex-CEO Bob McNulty
On the shoulders of giants, Tryp X is only possible because of BOB.
When a man stands on tippy toes, he tends to lose balance. Tryp Rides was the last thing he ever did.

Bob McNulty, Former CEO of Tryp Rides, now being called Trip Rides, has failed to deliver what was promised. Bob McNulty resigned Tryp Rides in April, 2020. His next thing, Trip Rides, focuses on food delivery, particularily take-out.

Taha Abbasi, the CTO, resigned from Tryp Rideshare in January 2020. He has filed a lawsuit even though he and his team never produced a working, functional rideshare app. This is the last thing he ever did for Tryp Rides.

The weekly company conference calls go on, you can follow Bob's antics here.

Tryp Rideshare was started in October 2018, and failed to ever launch. There never was a company office, no TNC permits or permits or business licenses of any kind for any city, state, or airport were ever obtained. No trips were ever given. The story has always been the same song and dance - the website will be working next week, the company will be launching and giving rides next month. But nothing ever happened, not even an excuse, just more promises and no refunds. If someone complained, they were simply ignored, banned, or deleted. Bank credit card chargebacks were fought at every step in the process. STILL, no profits, no business, and nobody is getting rich. Except of course, Bob McNulty and his partners in crime, like CMO David Motta, Bishop Stewart, CTO Taha Abbasi and MLM internet marketer Bill Crosby.

PICTURE PROOF! There is no shortage of gullible people who want to drive people for money.
What is the worst thing that can happen to a career?
The worst thing Bob McNulty ever did was take money from desperate Uber and Lyft drivers. So?

The Rideshare Biz is about how many people are ready to wake up and make that money?

Would you like a rideshare company where you can get paid, and not even have to drive?

Or, are you a rideshare passenger that wouldn't mind banking some easy passive income money just being a rider?

Drivers keeping 100% of the fares is what TrypX Rideshare is founded on.

There are some basic driver requirements, we tolerate only the best drivers. There is never any sign-up fee, background check charge, or monthly cost to be a Tryp X driver. TrypX drivers are trained to be the very best.

Even if you don't want to drive or be a TrypX passenger, you can still make money as an influencer in real life, on social media, or as easy as passing out business cards and flyers.

TrypX was founded by three men in the spring of 2020 - Carl Fischer, Jr., Scotty Walsh, and George Hotz with the goal of providing high reliability, low-cost fashionable Earth ground travel. Our CTO is Carrot Top. That's right, he's a coder when he's not busy being a world-famous comedian. TrypX will be going to the best destinations, with the best people, by design. TrypX is about going places, doing good things. TrypX is not about letting people down with lies and selling snake-oil and false hopes and dreams based on rideshare. TrypX is about real miles, and making REAL MONEY.

The TrypX philosophy is simple: We tell the truth - and - We finish what we start.

Are you popular? TrypX works with some of the most popular, top influencers and celebrities around.

Are you READY?

People are lining up to take TrypX rides. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you might get started!

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Signing up is the first step to freeing yourself from Uber/Lyft - remember to remove the apps from your phone and delete your accounts. When you are serious about changing things, things will begin to change. Otherwise, the rideshare industry in America may take a decade or two for a superior competitor to emerge. The rideshare market is a growing segment of the overall transportation picture. Picture yourself in it, where are you going?


What happens if the Uber or Lyft customer doesn't have a credit card or a credit card with money on it? If Uber or Lyft is unable to take passengers to certain rural areas or perhaps on routes not registered under its system, the customer will be stuck. Uber and Lyft are not always available conveniently during off-peak hours especially in most suburban areas. TrypX makes it possible for drivers to make money picking up these trips. TrypX has the most advanced driver-passenger trip matchmaking AI software the world has ever seen. TrypX is deploying a peer-to-peer hybrid fleet to give rides, going places and doing good from coast to coast. As long as the sun is shining, TrypX drivers are making money and TrypX customers are getting rides.

TrypX = Tryp Rideshare. This is what happens after Uber and Lyft fall. Every journey begins with a single step in the right direction.

Don't chase rainbows, take the right road, go for TrypX and go for the EASY MONEY sunshine.

TrypX Gets You There!

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